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If you like our history, be our guest. The history of the Castle hotel: The land between Kápolna and Parádsasvár was the property of the Debrői family at the time when the Magyars settled in Hungary. During the history of the manor the property changed hands several times. Many noble families including the Rákóczi, Orczy and the Grassalkovich families lived here. The first bathhouse of the estate was built in 1827. The land became the property of the Károlyi family in 1846. Ybl Miklos had the castle designed and built for György Károlyi between 1876-82. György Károlyi intended the castle for his wife Karolin Zichy, who was in exile with Lajos Kossuth during the works.

After the emigration she lived in the castle between 1893-1903, and she gave the name Sasvár to the castle. Later György Karolyi's grandson, Mihály became the owner of the manor. He was a townsman and he didn't like the landlords' life, but his wife Katinka Andrássy, the Red Countess, loved the rural way of life. At that time the casle was called „Sulky”, because the countess was hiding here when she got across with her husband. Károlyi had tenants, who utilized parts of the property as a hotel. After the Soviet Republic the government has stolen the property from the Károlyi family. They got the castle back only for 2 years after the end of the Second World War. At the time of socialism it was used as a holiday house for children. Over the past decade it was privatized again. The building and the park was purchased in 1996, and after the renovation it is open to travelers since 1998.
„Where ever the king was the guest, the guest is the king today.”

Mansion Hotel Parádsasvár