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Each wing of the building has an underground passage which leads us to the pleasure resort. In the resort you can use whirlpool, sauna and steam bath, infrared sauna, beauty salon, solarium, massage, exercise equipment, a sun terrace, Kneipp pool.  We have a Brasserie, a bowling alley, billiard tables, you can play squash, tennis and beach volleyball for free.

Massage offers

Relaxing head and neck massage 2.900,- Ft (20 minutes)

The massage is gentle and slow. A refreshing facial massage is performed during the massage, gentle pumping movements to massage the forehead, nose, eyes and ears. Then the scruff and the neck  follows.

Refreshing Foot Massage 3.900,- Ft (20 minutes)

It helps to remove toxins in the body, which is made by pressing the nerve endings. The mood of the passing of toxins enhances what is already felt even after one treatment.

Vital Wellness refreshing full body massage 8.900,- Ft (50 minutes)
Back Massage 5.900,- Ft (25 minutes)

Our bodies and souls can get tired becaufe of our busy lifestyles. We can get melancholic and tired. Thanks to the relaxation massage (which is done with cream) we will feel rejuvenated and reborn.

Aromatic relaxing full body massage 9.900,- Ft (60 minutes)
Back Massage 6.900,- Ft (25 minutes)

A relaxing, stress-relieving, full body massage with selected essential oils, or using a combination of them. It intensifies the massages relaxing, energizing and revitalizing powers. We recommend this massage to guests who are exposed to high stress.

Refreshing sports massage 8.900,- Ft (50 minutes)

During active sport prformances the muscles capacity and performance is reduced. A sports massage will loosen the adherent muscles, it recovers our original power. It is particularly useful for anyone who does athletic performance and to refresh tired muscles.

Chocolate massage 12.900,- Ft (75  minutes)

A massage with chocolate butter cream contains valuable vitamins for the skin. Individual components have energizing, and anti-wrinkle effects. It improves metabolism, hydrates and tightens the skins elasticity. The chocolate helps the skin by producing endorphins. The massage is performed after the skin get rubbered. Dry, dehydrated skin massage cream and massage oil are used together.

Cleopatra honey massage 12.900,- Ft (75 minutes)

The massage is carried out after the body got rubbered, the intense moisturizing exfoliation scrub with honey and milk protein is used. We use massage cream + milk + honey to mix a delicate, moisturizing cream for the whole body massage. The honey massage  relaxes the muscles, stimulates the immune system and it has detoxifying effects, it strengthens the nerves. The honey helps to regulate the body's energy flow and restore a healthy balance. It has a skin beautifying effect by strengthening the body contours within a short period of time, tightens the skin, improves elasticity.

Honey back massage 6.900,- Ft (25 minutes)

After warming up the muscles of the back the honey motion can loosen up the epidermis. Honey is "pulling" the pain. It enhances blood circulation.

Lymph Massage 10.900,- Ft (60 minutes)

The treatment improves the resistance of the lymphatic system, eliminate the metabolic disturbances and it calms the nerves.

Fat Burning Cellulite Treatment 9.900,- Ft (50 minutes))

Contouring lipolytic massage (hips, waist, outer and inner thighs) fat loss promoting and enhancing technique of problem areas by increasing induced hyperemia and blood circulation, which improves cell metabolism, initiate detoxification, making the cellulite and excess weight easily eliminated . The 50-minute massage is followed by a 25 minutes infrasauna session, in order to maximize the detoxifying effect.